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What is Slow Loot?

Slow Loot is free copy of Loot (for Adventurers). There are 8000 Slow Loot tokens available to claim for free. You can find instructions for how to claim a free token on http://slow.com

Why is it called Slow Loot?

1. It's Slow because all the tokens haven't been claimed yet. The original 8000 Loot tokens were claimed in about 3 hours. Slow Loot still has tokens available to claim for free (as of 2021-09-04)

2. It's Slow because all components of the Slow Loot ecosystem are direct copies of the Loot ecosystem. Everything that happens on Slow Loot will always lag behind the equivalent on Loot. As a Slow Loot token holder, you can't reasonably expect any innovation.

3. It's Slow because of the culture of people who claim Slow Loot. There is an NFT mania happening right now. As an alternative to the constant sense of urgency, don't feel any obligation to claim Slow Loot right away. It's not worth anything, so why bother? You can sleep on it and claim one tomorrow. Maybe gas will be cheaper tomorrow.

Does Slow Loot cost money?

Sort of. The tokens are free to claim but you still have to pay the Ethereum transaction fees (gas). This money goes to the Ethereum network and not the creator of Slow Loot.

If any part of this answer is confusing, please do not continue reading this FAQ.

Does this violate a software license?

No. Loot was released under the MIT license. It's free to copy.

What can I do with Slow Loot?

You can claim Slow Gold. For each Slow Loot, 10,000 Sold Gold tokens can be claimed for free (plus gas). Slow Gold is a direct copy of Adventure Gold. Slow Gold tokens are ERC-20 tokens. Instructions for how to claim Slow Gold are on http://slow.com

Why should I claim a Slow Loot?

You probably shouldn't. If you're considering claiming Slow Loot for purposes of financial speculation, you will almost certainly lose money.

Is Slow Loot worth anything?

I sure hope not.

Is Slow Loot listed on OpenSea?

Unfortunately, yes.

Does anyone make money from this?

No. The contract creator can claim up to 888 Slow Loot, but they're still worthless. Currently 0 of 888 have been claimed.

What is Ethereum? What are NFTs?

You probably shouldn't be here. Please don't try to claim a Slow Loot token.

How does Slow Loot compare to More Loot (mLoot)?

mLoot was created by the original creator of Loot. The main motivation behind mLoot was to make it possible for more people to participate in the Loot ecosystem. That's pretty much the exact same motivation behind Slow Loot. However, mLoot will probably always be seen as more legitimate by the broader NFT community than Slow Loot because of it's creator.

Also, Slow Loot is capped at a maximum of 8888 tokens. mLoot is currently capped at 1.3 million tokens with an ever-increasing supply over time.

What is the timeline of these different projects?

Slow Loot happened about 6 days after Loot. mLoot happened about 2 days after Slow Loot.